Cowboy Stuff in Brush Country

Tomorrow is a bid day for our Momma Cow Herd in Live Oak County. We will have 10 cowboys, dogs and helicopters to help us gather our and "work" our herd. When we say "Work" it really means a lot. We will brand, vaccinate, worm and ear tag all Heifers (female virgin cattle) and Bull Calves. We Ear Tag all Bull calves, and castrate them. Then all heifers 500+ pouinds will be slow weaned off there mommas and taken to our Nueces County Farm at a later date. All Bull Calves will either be culled into "Shippers" or Grass Fed Steers. Grass Fed Steers will be slow weaned and then take to the LaSalle County pastures. All momma cows will be Wormed, Ear Tagged and checked over. As a cattle rancher, this all is very important, as it will ensure a healthy herd. As for this working all cattle will get Black Ear Tag with a number due to the close proximity of the FEVER TICK. ITs about 14 miles away but we need to ensure proper doctoring as a cow will not make it if they get bitten by a tick who is carrying this disease. Should be great day tomorrow and I look forward to updating you with all the pics from our Working.

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