Texas Cattle Raisers Convention San Antonio

All the Lowrys attended the TSCRA Convention this weekend in San Antonio. Its a chance for New/Experienced producers to learn, converse with industry professionals. The classes range from Proper Injection sites to Selection of Cowherds, to how to do I sell my Cattle. The trade-show is also the number one draw to families like ours. This trade-show is like a Tractor Supply Store x 10 but without the Chinese crap. The kids enjoyed it because its so family oriented with toys, and sticks and tons of Freebies! We now have like 300 pens, 20 sorting sticks, 3 Frisbees and a new "Happy Toy Maker" feed truck.  My wife and attended one class together called "From Gate to Plate."  This session really appealed to us because of the Discussion Panel. It was made up of 3 individuals: Cisco Foods TX Manager, West Texas Rancher and the Chef from The Club at Cordierra Ranch. The panel was open and honest regarding how they select beef, cuts sold and what the consumer wanted. All in all it was great to hear 3 different aspects even though we are Ranchers, being that she was a West Texas Rancher, its a whole different ranching world (Texas is so diverse).  We got to eat wonderful beef meals and Raegan and I were able to purchase an Akaushi Bull to breed to our new Angus Cattle. We are excited that we attended this event and even more excited it connected us to a new Bull Breeder. It is so nice to have these events and I think it really promotes Agriculture in larger cities. God Bless.



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