Producer Affidavit For Grass Fed Beef

The cattle represented by this document adhere to the following criteria for Grass Fed Beef processed at Dean and Peeler Meatworks:

Animal Origin:

  • Animals must be born and raised in Texas.

Animal Husbandry:

  • Animals are raised on pastures for the majority of their lifecycle. 
  • Animals are not fed grains, grain silage, or animal by-products. The majority of the diet consists of forages, including grass or legumes, except for milk consumed prior to weaning.
  • Animal diets are 100% vegetarian. Grass can include pastures as well as a variety of hay, including but not limited to Texas Range Grasses, Bermuda and Buffel Varieties. Legumes can include but are not limited to alfalfa, hay, or clover. Cotton Seed Cake is also used as Nutritional Supplement.
  • Animals have never been administered implants, synthetic hormones, ionophores, antibiotics (injected or fed) or beta-agonists. 
  • Animals are raised using humane handling practices and worked only on Horseback. 

Animal Traceability:

  • Animals are identified with Green Ear Tag. 
  • Ear tag numbers are recorded on a shipping manifest. Ear tag numbers are recorded and correlated to a carcass tag number at the slaughter facility. Grass Fed Natural carcasses are clearly Marked in coolers/containers with clear separation from other carcasses. 

Veterinary Interventions:

  • Any and all veterinary treatments to animals represented by this affidavit must be documented and maintained for 5 years and made accessible to Auditors.
  • Any animal needing Medication besides Vitamin C or D will be culled from Herd and taken out of the GrassFed program, never to enter again.